University Compliance Initiative at Rutgers

The mission of the University Compliance Initiative is to provide support, coordination, and assistance with university-wide compliance efforts for all federal and state laws as well as internal policies. The initiative also seeks to encourage the highest ethical standards of conduct for those who represent the university and act on its behalf.

Primary responsibility for compliance remains in the individual units of the university (e.g., athletics, research, health care, public safety, financial aid, procurement, student affairs, etc.). The initiative intends to work closely with each unit to build on existing compliance structures such as reporting, establishment of policies and procedures, training, and taking corrective actions where necessary. These efforts will help to identify and mitigate financial, operational, strategic, and reputational risks to the university. The initiative is housed in the Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel (OGC). The senior vice president and general counsel, John J. Farmer Jr., acts as Rutgers chief compliance officer. 

A comprehensive list of offices responsible for compliance within given areas may be accessed by visiting our compliance directory.

The initiative supports several areas, including:

  • Promoting a culture of compliance and ethics at Rutgers from the top administration and throughout the University
  • Coordinating of compliance efforts and information, including reporting requirements, university policies and procedures, and contact information for those with primary compliance responsibilities
  • Assisting various units in the university with providing appropriate training in the relevant areas of compliance
  • Reviewing changes in external laws and regulations, both state and federal with our compliance liaisons, and supporting efforts to respond to those changes
  • Assisting in identifying gaps in university policies, and aiding the appropriate offices with efforts to address deficiencies
  • Advising that any violations are addressed by appropriate corrective action