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Office of General Counsel

Retention of Counsel


The Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel (OGC) is the legal counsel for the university and all related entities. Rutgers staff, faculty, and students may not employ outside attorneys to represent or provide legal services to any of these entities. The decision to retain outside counsel resides with the OGC. In addition, only the OGC has the authority to enter into contracts for professional services with law firms.

The OGC is not allowed to provide personal legal advice to employees or students and may not arrange personal representation for employees or students.

Does the Office of General Counsel provide personal legal advice or recommend attorneys?

No. The OGC provides legal advice and representation related to university business only and does not provide personal legal advice and representation. The OGC does not recommend attorneys to provide personal legal advice to employees or students.

University faculty, students, and staff or members of the general public needing personal legal assistance may contact the Middlesex County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service for possible attorney referrals. In addition, the New Jersey State Bar Association shares other New Jersey county bar associations that provide lawyer referral services.

Students seeking professional legal advice and assistance, including consultation, notary services, attorney referrals, and more, can visit Student Legal Services.